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The public transport management system of contactless IC card is a part of the intelligent management 'one card'. It is based on the computer management as the core, the contactless IC card as the information carrier and the new intelligent charge management system.

The contactless IC card bus charging system is the most advanced bus tolling management system at present. It uses the advanced technology of RFID and combines modern management methods. It has the advantages of free contact, no loss, advanced technology, good expansibility of the system and no need for maintenance investment. It is the best choice to improve the management level of the public transport unit and realize the electronic control. It is widely used in uban public transport, car charging for enterprises and institutions, fees for school special vehicles, fees for special purpose vehicles.

The consumer needs only to hold an authorized IC card and induct the card to complete teh payment process of consumption, the system will complete the information processing work with the strong soft environment and the perfect hardware base.

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